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March 19 2014

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December 14 2013

July 15 2013

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Jerusalem, Israel
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February 01 2013

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The Government is Watching Us? 1.8 Billion Pixels Video Surveillance - YouTube
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June 24 2012

March 10 2012

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February 11 2012

January 20 2012

27C3: A short political history of acoustics

A short political history of acoustics

For whom, and to do what, the science of sound was developed in the 17th century

The birth of the modern science of acoustics was directly intertwined with the desires to surveill and communicate, either in secret or to everybody at once. Acoustics was not just about 'learning more about nature,' right from the start it was an applied science, driven by very clear notions of who has the right, and thus should have the possibility, of listening in on others, who needs to be able to converse in private, and who should be heard by everybody if he wishes to. How are these historical ideas related to those of today?

January 04 2012

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December 30 2011

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December 19 2011

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November 30 2011

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July 02 2011

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June 19 2011

May 21 2011

April 09 2011

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March 23 2011

'Smile, you are under control'. Stencil en BsAs.
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January 09 2011

January 06 2011

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